🌠Getting Started

Stella is a leveraged strategies protocol with 0% cost to borrow.

At Stella, borrowers (or β€˜leveragoors’) can take leverage on supported DeFi strategies without paying any borrowing cost. Lenders can earn real yield shared from the leveragoors as a lending APY, the more the leveragoors get, the more the lenders earn. This is made possible by Stella's β€˜Pay-As-You-Earn’ (PAYE) model, designed to help leveragoors and lenders earn the highest yield potential.

Stella’s Mission to Redefine How 'Leveraged DeFi' Works

Stella strives to become the go-to destination for leveragoors and lenders to access maximum yield potential. Whatever on-chain strategies that leveragoors want to use on leverage (and safe enough to be supported), then Stella will support at 0% cost to borrow.

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