⚑Staking & Protocol Fees

ALPHA token holders can stake ALPHA to secure Stella protocol, as the funds staked act as the backstop for the protocol. In return, value captured and accrued in the Stella ecosystem is distributed to ALPHA stakers.

ALPHA stakers will receive the following upon staking:

  • Protocol fees from Stella protocol, regardless of which chains or layer-2 solutions Stella is built on.

    • 25% of the yields shared from leveragoors are collected as Stella protocol fees.

    • 50% of the protocol fees will go to ALPHA stakers while the other 50% will be distributed to depositors of Alpha Homora.

  • Tokens of the past incubated projects when the tokens become available publicly. This allows stakers to take part in high-quality projects early on. Past incubated projects include:

  • Voting rights on protocol’s proposals to participate in Stella governance.

How it Works

ALPHA stakers will receive sALPHA in return as they stake their ALPHA tokens. Your sALPHA will represent your share in the total staking pool and your vote count when voting on proposals. Notably, the ALPHA staking rewards are automatically compounded for users.

For example: If a user stakes 100 ALPHA and receives a reward of 10 ALPHA, the total staked amount would be 110 ALPHA. In the next reward distribution, you would be considered to have staked 110 ALPHA.

How to Stake ALPHA

  1. Go to the Stake ALPHA homepage on Ethereum mainnet.

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Navigate to the Staking area

  4. Input the amount of ALPHA token that you want to stake.

  5. Click Approve.

  6. Press OK and confirm your transaction.

  7. Once the transaction is confirmed, click Stake button

  8. Press OK and confirm your transaction again.

How to Unstake ALPHA

  1. Go to the Stake ALPHA homepage.

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Navigate to the staking area.

  4. The page shows the amount of ALPHA token you've staked (sALPHA).

  5. Click Unstake.

  6. Input the amount of ALPHA token that you want to unstake.

  7. Press OK and confirm your transaction.

Please note, once you've clicked Unstake, the unstaked amount goes through a 30-day unbonding period. This means you can only withdraw the unstaked amount 30 days after you click Unstake. Users will have the option to add the event to their calendar to notify if the 30-day period ends.

Once the 30-days unbonding period ends, you have 72 hours to claim/withdraw the unstaked amount. If the amount is not claimed within 72 hours, it will continue to be staked and users would have to go through a 30-days unstaking period again to complete the transaction.

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