Stella is a multi-chain leveraged strategies protocol with 0% cost to borrow.
At Stella, borrowers (or ‘leveragoors’) can take leverage on supported DeFi strategies without paying any borrowing cost. Lenders can earn real yield shared from the leveragoors as a lending APY, the more the leveragoors get, the more the lenders earn. This remarkable innovation is made possible by our ‘Pay-As-You-Earn’ (PAYE) model, designed to help leveragoors and lenders earn the highest yield potential.

Stella’s Mission

Stella’s mission is to redefine how ‘leveraged DeFi’ works. DeFi needs a good leverage system in order to drive more usages to DEXes and money markets, the fundamental building blocks of DeFi. With growing usages on these fundamentals, more protocols and new innovations can arise and tap into the deep liquidity and robust foundation. Stella’s 0% cost to borrow and Pay-As-You-Earn model, for the first time, align incentives between borrowers (or “leveragoors”) and lenders, presenting a whole new and better way of how leveraged DeFi should be – a way that one party does not lose when the other party gains.
Stella strives to become the go-to destination for leveragoors and lenders to access maximum yield potential. Whatever on-chain strategies that leveragoors want to use on leverage (and safe enough to be supported), then Stella will support at 0% cost to borrow.

Why Stella Team?

Stella core development team has pioneered in ‘leveraged DeFi’ since 2020. These developments include building the first leveraged yield farming protocol, Alpha Homora, that has a peak TVL of $1.9B, coming up and implementing key fundamental concepts such as tokenization and collateralization of LP tokens, and incubating a number of DeFi projects that went on to raise from top-tier VCs and list on tier-1 exchanges.
Under the new name (Stella) and the same token (ALPHA), the same core development team aims to double down on the expertise in building an on-chain leveraged product. With Stella protocol that enables leveragoors to take leverage on various DeFi strategies with 0% cost to borrow and lenders to earn real yields without a maximum cap on lending APY, Stella aims to unlock highest yield potentials for DeFi users in this moderately low DeFi yield market.