Why Stella Lend is Unique?

🤝 PAYE Model: Incentives Aligned

The Stella Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) Model employs a decreasing percentage cut based on the leveragoor's yield. This incentivizes skilled leveragoors to aim for higher yields by making strategic moves, maintaining vigilance, and timely profit-taking. As a result, the active participation of proficient leveragoors increases the likelihood of lenders achieving elevated yields.

👍 Simply lend and earn

From the perspective of lenders, Stella Lend operates similarly to a standard lending protocol in the Web3 ecosystem, with the distinction of not offering a borrowing feature. Lenders are not required to acquire new paradigms or concepts to participate; they can seamlessly lend their assets and earn yields without the need for additional learning or adaptation.

🚨 Robust Precautionary Measures

By lending assets on Stella Lend, user funds benefit from comprehensive precautionary measures implemented to safeguard against potential losses. Stella Lend's objective is to mitigate risks within each lending pool and maintain an overall risk-controlled environment, actively countering smart contract risks to the greatest extent possible. For instance, each strategy operates with its own specific borrowing cap, in addition to the underlying asset's borrowing cap.

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